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London Honey77 seemed like as good a profile name as any, given that I can rarely be bothered to travel outside of the M25 for a date (not even for bags of gold) and I’d imagine it was ‘honey’ (ahem) most men were looking for.
Take I-75 to Exit 179 (Toledo Blade Blvd) and go west for approximately 6.3 miles.

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He is known as the "King" with the top singing skills in the school.He acts cool, but underneath his façade, he carries a passionate heart.

He is usually indifferent towards other people and the finer details, but once he becomes interested in something, he will become completely absorbed in it.When she goes to talk to her professor about the class, but due to her Lust, she ends up hitting on him.She managed to turn that embarrassing episode into a positive by claiming that it was an ethical experiment. When Prue and Phoebe were trying to locate the "unnatural activity" that Prue had scryed for, Phoebe was lecturing Prue about finding a balance in her life.These people have come to be known as "Alter" users.With only 1% of the newborn generations receiving such special power, though this number rises steadily as the series progresses, some feel a superiority over normal humans.Kazuma (dubbed "The Treasoner" in the manga and "The Shell Bullet" in the anime) and Ryuhou are the two characters bearing a rivalry used to drive and focus the plot. Kanami is a close friend of Kazuma, who protects her and treats her like a little sister.