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This will help you and your family discuss one of the many issues relevant when choosing the best summer camp experience.

When it comes to choosing summer camps based on gender, there are three types of camps, outlined below: Single sex camps are just what they sound like, they operate to serve either boys or girls.

When my eight-woman group arrived after a sodden two-and-half-hour train ride from London, we were greeted with brightly flavored red pepper soup and delicious pineapple-ginger smoothies before being shown to our rooms, which were stocked with Jo Loves candles and fresh-cut flowers.

The massive painting hung on the wall of the Church where I was attending a week long retreat for women being treated for female sex addiction…what I like to call ‘Sex Camp.’ When I first saw the painting I was taken aback. In the course of the week, every time I passed it I’d say “Hi Jesus! ” “Oh, well I feel deep shame & loathing self-pity, so there’s that. No offense.”I could not help but smile at this morning ritual. His face so colorful, the painting as large as the wall felt much like his presence in my life, always in my face, pretty but comfortably hovering.


I thought I would emerge from Shh, a new women-only sensual healing retreat with outposts in England and on Ibiza, with skills to help hone my sexual prowess and render me goddess-like—in short, make me total catnip to men.This article will outline some of the popular options for families as well as highlight the advantages of a single sex camp.However, I urge you to also read the companion piece highlighting the benefits of a coed camp.Instead, I came home with an eyelid stye so hideous it forced me to cancel the hot date on which I’d planned to practice my new powers.I blame that stye on the bucketful of tears I shed at Shh. Rather, when I got the brief from my editor—“We’re sending you to a luxury sex camp in the English countryside”—I imagined primers on burlesque, oral sex, and multiple orgasms, not baring my soul to the bone in a room full of strangers.Remember, this is one of only many things to consider when selecting a summer camp.