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There's serious stuff out there, like HIV and STDs, date rape, online stalkers.

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The project of singer Dave Jason started on with about 30 minutes delay.

Having seen & heard the band already on last Hexentanz Festival two months ago, I was first not too impressed by them (although the band had no influence on the technical problems they had experienced then).

Les camions porteurs doivent se conformer à des réglementations très précises.

Un camion porteur est aussi appelé poids lourd (PTAC: supérieur à 3,5 tonnes) ; il se différencie donc du véhicule léger (PTAC : inférieur à 3,5 tonnes).

"We don't comment on the nomination process," he said, adding that the matter was not pressing and would probably be decided in May at the same time as other appointments to the European Central Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Mr Juncker has suggested that the position of Eurogroup chief be turned into a full-time job.

But for this time, with a cleaner sound and no technical breakdowns, my impression of the band soon went more positive.

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