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Ben affleck and jennifer garner dating 2016

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She had on the biggest grin, batting her lashes and giggling at all of his jokes.She just melted.” The insider goes on to allege that Jennifer was giggling like a teenager during her outing with the accountant, suggesting that she couldn’t be happier to have finally found someone who she hopes won’t treat her like her soon-to-be ex-husband did.It was famously revealed that Ben Affleck was secretly having an affair with the family’s nanny Christine Ouzounian, and while Jennifer initially denied those reports, she seemed to have hinted at some sort of cheating affair in her interview with .The mother-of-three stressed that Ben couldn’t have cheated on her with the nanny because the couple was already separated by the time the affair was said to have taken place., the actress was spotted with the mysterious accountant and a friend, but from the way Jennifer was behaving, she couldn’t care less on whether she would be spotted by the paparazzi.She’s come to terms with the fact that her marriage with Ben has come to an end and therefore sees nothing wrong with her clear intentions to move on with her life.And while they might not be sleeping in the same bed together anymore, apparently Jennifer is still pulling all the strings behind closed doors, making Ben feel helpless and frustrated, too. Magazine, Ben has had enough of his ex-wife’s controlling ways.Apparently, Jennifer is making it hard for him to juggle an active dating life and still be a father to their three children, too.

She thought they could get back together, so it totally blindsides her.

But sources beg to differ, alleging that Jennifer was still very much living in the California home where Ben and the nanny were said to have been hooking up.

From Garner’s point of view, Ben might have cheated on her during their separation period, but close sources reveal that Jennifer knows the truth.

This native West Virginian’s relaxed, unpretentious style has made her arguably one of the most respected public mothers in America and still a draw at the box office.

Her walk is brisk and to the point as she joins me at a table in the back.