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I've tried running it as Admin, I've tried putting the update file(s) in several different folders (including an external HDD), and I still keep getting this error: It's driving me nuts!

Intel's SSD 600p was the first PCIe SSD using TLC NAND to hit the consumer market.

The big highlight is that Intel has transitioned to a Sand Force processor in the SSD 520, away from the Marvell processor used in the SSD 510.

Intel claims the SSD 520 to be their fastest SSD to date and there's little reason to doubt them.

If this update is done on a notebook computer, it is strongly recommended that power be supplied by the AC power adapter.

Intel's brand has long been synonymous with quality, stability and support.

True enough, the best SSDs in the market today come from companies who fulfill the above mentioned criteria.

The most dominant company in the SSD business today is Samsung.

Or can I connect the SSD to my laptop using some kind of cable, update the firmware there, and stick it in my computer and then proceed to install my freash Windows? I read some people recommending mirroring the OS onto another HDD but that seems to be the most complicated way to do this AND it requires a separate software. Sorry if I'm not being clear, I'm almost completely clueless when it comes to SSD.

Hopefully ye experts will be able to understand my gibberish lol.